What I've learned so I can help you

I'm  half-rawr, half-woo!

I'm Lindsey, a Leo Sun & Pisces Moon.

I operate from a place of softness and spiritual, to powerful and playful. My intuition & emotions run high, just as much as my passion and creativity. 

I find deep inspiration from Hindu Gods & Moon Rituals, but also connect with the sweat and endorphin-high from a heated power yoga class, or athletic hike.

Sound and touch are a highlight of my offerings. I love working with the senses.

So, I'm a mix of the two and that's what I bring to the teaching table.

On a deeper note~ 

15 years ago, I began my own wellness journey post-college, when I moved across the country to San Diego. The sunny skies and healthy vibes, coupled with an aggressive eating disorder inspired & forced me to invest more time on self-love and self-care.

Not long after I started teaching, I spent several years in the business relationship side of things where I owned and operated my own studio before deciding to travel & live abroad full time. 

Beyond wellness, one of my highest passions is feeding my curiosity for culture and fearless adventure! I like to feel alive & live everyday to the fullest!

Prior to Covid, I had been living the nomad & travel lifestyle for the 3+ years. I have been lucky to live & visit all corners of this world, and have shared what I've learned teaching to students from over 50+ countries.

Since Covid, I split my time between the US (home is Pittsburgh) and the UK (Essex/London with my husband). Check out my other site for travel inspo! 

From being a normal human who loves wine and pizza, to believing in living a bold life;  I combine my life experiences and certifications to create a special wellness experience for you.

Wellness Certifications

CDM Certified Dietary Manager (2013)

200H Power Vinyasa Yoga Teacher (2014)

Yoga Nidra L1 +

100H Certified Meditation Teacher ( 2019)

Reiki II (Maaya School of Healing- 2019)

Mental Health First Aid- 2020