Yoga is a lifestyle that stretches & strengthens our soul. We all need it! Have a special request? Shoot. Pricing is here.


75 minutes. A private session is a great opportunity to gain deeper understanding, support, and personalized instruction. If you're new to the practice, not ready to jump into a studio, or you want that special touch- say no more!

Yoga Practice


90 minutes. In this friendly session you will stretch your levels of trust, strengthen your communication, and build a positive effect on your relationship that extends far beyond the physical. Warning- it's a lot of fun!

Couple Yoga


Having a special event, or looking to add reoccurring wellness offerings for your staff? I can prepare a solo class, or the entire package which consists of (1) Yoga class, (1) Meditation/Breathing, and (1) Recharge/Work Stretch.

Enjoy in the comfort of home OR in the workplace setting. These tools will relax and destress the body and mind leaving it revived & ready for creativity and learning. All workshops run for (45) minutes in length and are scheduled at your availability.

Online Meditation


3 hours. Invite me to your house or biz for a party designed by you! You can choose 3/6 of the following options to build your party- Yoga, Meditation, Sound Healing, Yoga Nidra,  Rituals, and Mini Reiki Sessions. The host is half off. 

Email me for your consult and any ideas you have. I will cater each section for the style/theme you're seeking.

Yoga Child's Pose